Authentic + Emotional Elopement photography
for adventurous romantics 

So you've decided the "big" wedding isn't your style.

You prefer something a bit more non-traditional. No family obligations, no expectations. You can do without the large guest list or party that just seems like it may not even be for you.

You're looking to have a more intimate, ultra-special day that is centered just around you and your partner. Just the two of you.

You don't want to settle for ordinary, or cookie-cutter.

Imagine a day full of activities you both enjoy, topped off with your favorite food and drink, and the special vows you want to dedicate to each other, all while taking in each intimate moment to be present and truly authentic to yourselves.

This is how you tell your love story.

Why Elope?

More intimate + meaningful experience 

Have a Fun + Stress Free Day

Create Authentic + Intentional Memories

That's why you are here! You want something different  just for you tow, together. The traditional way of doing things isn't speaking to your heart like you thought it would. You've been dreaming of something better, a more intimate affair, that will not only bring you closer together but bring the real you to life! You have taken this moment to decide to take back the choice on how you want  to get married. 

You've been having this feeling that the "big" wedding just might not be fore you. You could live without the stress, and family pressure. You really don't want to deal with all the cookie cutter venues and a huge guests list. It almost feels like this large party isn't even for you-- the couple getting married!

Your way

your day

Throw away the rule book.

The possibilities are endless!


"An intentionally intimate celebration where the focus is ultimately on the couple"

So what does it mean to elope?

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Looking for that eccentric loudmouth who probably swears too much to even be near a church? Well that's me! 

Here's the thing - I like to keep it fun and light-hearted. And sometimes, an f-bomb just might slip here and there because of it. I totally understand if that's not your cup of tea - we can still be friends. 

But, if that's your thing, let's chat!

Hey, Whats up?
I'm Tinara

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Reasons You want  to Elope...

To actually focus on just the two of you and your commitment to each other on your wedding day.

To be rid of the stress, pressure and obligation of a big "performance" or production.

To design your wedding day to reflect who you both are as a couple.

To create a "just us" experience, full of fun and adventure.

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EEEk! I wanna tell your love story!

let's work together!

It's very important to me to know that I will be the best fit for you and your partner on your wedding day. For this reason, not every elopement or wedding is accepted.
I truly cannot wait to hear more about your vision! Fill out my contact form below: 

Elopements start at 3200


You are on to the next step to planning the wedding day of your dreams! I'm so excited to help plan this with you!

I'll be in touch with you soon! You should receive a text message from me and an email to get the ball rolling, be on the look out for those! 

We'll schedule a time to chat and go over all your plans for your special, one of a kind day, including where, when, and how much coverage you will want. I am so excited to help make your dreams come true!

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